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I recently completed the civil draftsman course at the Pacific Training Center, and I must say it has been an incredible learning journey. Under the guidance of Sameer Sir, the course not only provided me with valuable skills but also provided an environment that made learning effective. Sameer Sir's teaching style is commendable. His ability to quickly understand students, along with his friendly manner, creates a conducive learning environment. I also appreciate the support provided by Sana Ma’am. Her assistance added another layer of understanding to the course, contributing to a comprehensive learning experience.
Ali Hunekar
I have completed the civil draftsman course at the Pacific Training Center, and I am more than happy with the experience. The teaching methods were comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors were knowledgeable and made complex concepts to simple. I have gained a lot of knowledge through this course in civil field which is much beneficial for me in future.
Faiz Khan
I recently completed the civil draftsman course at Pacific Training Center, and I must say, it was an amazing experience. Sameer sir, our instructor, has an incredible teaching style that is both effective and engaging. He quickly understands the needs of the students and ensures that everyone grasps the concepts. I appreciate the most is that Sameer sir never raises his voice or shouts, creating a comfortable and friendly learning environment. Furthermore, Sana Ma’am also played a significant role in supporting us throughout the course. Thanks for your support, Sameer Sir.
Rayyan Solkar
I recently completed my 3-month Tekla software course at Pacific Training Centre. The teaching was very nice and easy to understand. It was also a time-flexible course. The notes provided were very useful. Dhanashree Ma'am is an excellent teacher who has complete knowledge in the field and also a great personality which made it easy for us to learn. The class offered a very helpful environment by giving personal attention to everyone. Sameer sir and Sana ma'am were also always available to guide us and solve our doubts. I will definitely suggest this institute for learning different courses to everyone because the teaching method is just great and useful.
Soham Ghosale
I recently completed the AutoCAD 2D and 3D training program at Pacific Training Centre (PTC) in Ratnagiri, and I must say it was an outstanding experience. The course content was meticulously organized, offering a comprehensive and effective approach to learning. Our instructor, Sameer sir, played a crucial role in making the 3 months SSDTC training program a success. His guidance, support, and motivation were instrumental in our collective learning journey. I appreciate Sana ma’am for their work. The course was well paced and inclusive. PTC is indeed a well-developed training centre in Ratnagiri. Thank you, Pacific Training Centre, for guiding us
Rajpurkar Shazeb
Had a fantastic experience with the Pacific Training Center. Dhanashree Ma'am was very knowledgeable and patient, ensuring that every student understood the concept thoroughly. The course material was well organized and up-to-date Training was good with excellent interaction Also learned about how we can co-ordinate and manage work on projects. I had a great time doing this course and the staff of PTC (Sameer Sir & Sana Mam) were very supportive and created a good and happy environment in the office.
Juned Hunerkar
I have recently completed my 3 months SSTDC Training program at Pacific Training Centre. It was a wonderful experience, we worked in a very positive and productive atmosphere. I am thankful to our mentor Dhanashree Ma’am, they elaborated on each and every topic well and guided us through steel detailing in the simplest way possible. Sameer sir and Sana mam were also very polite and welcoming from the first day. In the end, I would say PTC provides an exemplary platform to Start a career in Steel Detailing.
Muhib Patvi
I have completed my Steel Detailing Course from Pacific Training Centre. I was provided excellent support and information by Dhanashree ma'am. They were very helpful. Sameer Sir and Sana Ma'am were very welcoming. I had a nice experience during my Course duration.
sufiyan gadkari
Pacific Centre Training is a top-notch educational institution that offers comprehensive training programs. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and skilled, ensuring a productive and engaging learning experience. The facility is modern and conducive to learning, enhancing the overall educational journey. Students can expect a rewarding and enriching educational experience at Pacific Centre Training.
Raheed Sakharkar
The training was great and I am very much thankful to Pacific training centre and ESS along with the management for supporting and providing me with great and vibrant knowledge about steel structures and Tekla Software. Particularly, Dhanashree Ma'am helped and taught me right from the basics about steel to the detailing in the software, I am very thankful for that. These 3 months of training were actually more interesting than I expected to be. This is all because of great guidance and also Self-learning. I Suggest Pacific training centre to build your career.
Arman Ahmed Buddu
The training was well organized and informative. It was exactly what I needed at the moment to Progress in my career. Dhanashree Madam has been amazing. She has a warm personality and answered all the questions we asked her intelligently.
Arshiya Dongarkar
In the last 3 months I have learned a lot about steel structure. Course was well organized, clear, and easy to understand. Also, learn about how we can coordinate and manage work on live projects. The environment is very good to work and also instructors do a great job in covering material related to steel structure and Tekla Software.
Nameer Mukadam
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